The Story of Valerie

“ I think I volunteered in 1994 or 95. It was Dream Come True, we used Terminal 2 then for departure.  Over the years we had many fundraisers.  The Golf fundraiser was a little later, that’s when we first met Walter Gretzky.  He became a permanent fixture for the Flight, as well as attending the Golf Tournament.  We will miss him, great supporter, so sorry he’s gone now. We did Christmas Parades, very cold…..but good fun.”

“I have sponsored children over the years, one child I’ll never forget,  she was 11 and was recovering from Chemo, no brothers or sisters.” “I picked her and her mother up on the day of the flight, she was very subdued, but it was early morning.  Later, with her mother we went to meet the flight.  Some children were excited, others very tired.   She didn’t say much, but I just put it down to being very tired.  As I was driving up Airport Road,  there was this loud giggle and voice  – THAT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!”