The Story of Jaden

Dreams Take Flight is more than just about giving kids an exciting trip to Disney World, but Dreams is a family. Through this organization I have heard so many stories from volunteers, families, and kids that Dreams Take Flight has influenced, where these individuals cherish memories of their trip for a lifetime. I have been involved with Dreams for more than 5 years now, where I can truthfully say that the work done by Dreams Take Flight is incredible. I am so grateful for an organization whose mission focuses on children, and their needs.  BAs well, I am grateful and honoured to be a small part in the bigger picture as a volunteer whether it be with our Day of Flight Event, Fundraising Events, or designing digital content for social media promotion of our Dreams Take Flight Instagram page.

My greatest memory had to be seeing the children playing and hugging the therapy dogs and puppies that sponsored Dreams Take Flight  in 2018 on the Day of Departure. Loved seeing the laughter and pure joy that a fluffy puppy brings to the eyes of kids.