The Story of Linda and Claude

My husband Claude and I have been volunteering with Dreams Take Flight since 1994 when I moved to Air Canada Reservations in Toronto. Throughout the years, we have coordinated the check in process at the hangar, the pre-flight Information sessions for the escort and parents,  and the hotel arrangements for participating out of town children and their escorts. Claude and I always look forward to volunteering with Dreams Take Flight, because we get so much love and satisfaction from seeing firsthand the changes our team can help make in the lives of these precious little people.

Some memorable experiences include:

We fell in love with a 4 year old angel who stayed back at the hotel with her mom while her 2 sisters went on the flight.  She had been in and out of hospitals since she was born.  What a gift to see her reaction to participating in the flight many years later when she was medically capable of doing so.

Spending time with so many other volunteers that are always willing to help out. Such a loving group of lifetime friends.

Joy & Love

Linda & Claude

Linda Hutson