The Story of Alex

Where do I begin?  Dreams holds a special place in my heart.  I have been involved with Dreams Take Flight in some form for over 19 years.  As a crew member, group leader, hangar setup, golf tournaments and preflight pizza parties.  I volunteer with this amazing organization to bring some fun and excitement back in deserving children’s lives. Some of these kids have faced more hardship in their young lives than most adults will ever have to deal with.  If I can give them ONE day to forget about all their illnesses and hardships and put a smile on a child’s face, then I’ve done my job.

A few years back my mother was battling cancer. She knew I was involved with Dreams and asked how she could get involved to make children smile.   She came to the Pizza party and wore a Miss Piggy costume and celebrated with the kids all night long.  Then we received a call that one of the volunteers could not attend the flight and if my mother was available to replace them.  She was overjoyed!  To see her bond with children that were facing the same illness as she and see smiles from both her and the kids is ingrained in my memories.  She is no longer with us however I know she would want me to continue volunteering with this amazing organization and to keep putting smiles on children’s faces.