Open Skies for Autism Event – 2019

On November 9th, 2019; the inaugural Open Skies for Autism event was held at Toronto Pearson International Airport.  The event took 100 children and their families on all aspects of flight.  From check-in, through security, to boarding, and taxiing around the airport; without ever leaving the ground.

The response from the families was overwhelmingly appreciative.  Not only did the families get to experience the aspects of flight in the most comforting way possible, but there were also service dogs at the airport to greet the families.   Volunteer pilots let each child sit in the Captain’s seat to take pictures and ask questions.

Open Skies for Autism has been approved to continue bi-annually and in multiple airports!  The vision is to continue this initiative in every city in Canada by 2021, North America by 2025, and globally by 2030 so that every child can experience the magic of flight.  Thanks to our Air Canada family & friends at the Greater Toronto Airport Authority for bringing this vision to fruition!