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Code of Conduct

The Dreams Take Flight Members Code of Conduct describes the expectations and obligations associated with membership in Dreams Take Flight (Canada)/Voyages de Rêves (Canada) and its Chapters. Dreams Take Flight (Canada) is a registered charity under the Income Tax Act (Canada). As a condition of membership, all Members of Dreams Take Flight charity are required to conduct themselves consistent with the Members Code of Conduct.

Members play an important role in the governance and charitable activities of Dreams Take Flight (Canada) and its Chapters.  Through participation in the Dreams Take Flight (Canada) and Chapter organizations and activities pursuing their mission of benefiting mentally, physically and socially challenged children, Members receive personal rewards such as community recognition and feedback, and the satisfaction of helping challenged children.  In return Members must be expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will allow the values and goals of Dreams Take Flight (Canada) to be achieved. The following Code of Conduct has been developed to assist a Member in achieving a level of conduct that will not only enable Dreams Take Flight to pursue its mission, but allow all Members, volunteers and others to participate in fulfilling their personal goals.


  • Members shall attend to their volunteer duties, as directed by the Dreams Take Flight (Canada) and/or its Chapters, in a timely and professional manner.
  • Members will practice fairness and honesty, and will encourage others to act in such an ethical manner without discrimination.
  • Members will consistently display high personal standards, project a favorable image of Dreams Take Flight (Canada) and its Chapters and not engage in conduct or make public statements likely to harm, defame or otherwise discredit the Dreams Take Flight charity and those persons participating in the charity.
  • Members will refrain from public criticism of fellow Members, volunteers, directors, officers and/or others participating with Dreams Take Flight or its Chapters.
  • Members will respect the dignity of others and refrain from the use of profane, insulting, or otherwise offensive language that constitutes harassment or abuse of others who are participating in the Dreams Take Flight charity.
  • Members will maintain, at all times, the confidentiality of all records and other confidential information of Dreams Take Flight (Canada) and its Chapters.  Confidential information shall include all information relating to the Dreams Take Flight charity which can reasonably be considered as confidential. Members must not make use of or disclose Dreams Take Flight (Canada) or Chapter confidential information or records, except on a need to know basis and in the course of undertaking the affairs, governance and charitable activities (such as flight operations and fundraising) of Dreams Take Flight (Canada) or its Chapters in connection with the charitable purposes of the Drams Take Flight charity.
  • Members will not use confidential information obtained through their association with the Dreams Take Flight charity to further their private interests and will otherwise avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Members will abide by the principles laid out in this Members Code of Conduct and comply with all applicable by-laws, rules and regulations, resolutions and policies of the Dreams Take Flight (Canada) and its Chapters.

If there has been a breach of the Members Code of Conduct and/or a complaint filed with Dreams Take Flight Toronto against a Member, sanctions against the Member whose conduct is in question may be appropriate. Relatively minor breaches may only warrant a caution or reprimand while more serious breaches may result in termination of membership by the board of directors of Dreams Take Flight Toronto.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the Code of Conduct for Dreams Take Flight, please direct those questions or inquiries directly to the DTF Administration at

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